Google Assistant – How to use google Assistant to Get things done

Google Assistant is Google’s own Smart Voice Controlled Assistant which works primarily on AI (Artificial Intelligence). In fact, it is a Google Extension which is Google Now, and an extension of Google’s Voice Controlled Commands ‘OK Google’. This search engine is an Advance Voice Search Assistant created by Google to conduct personalized searches. It is specifically designed to make voice commands more convenient in mobile phones and smart home devices.

On answering any type of question from Google Assistant, it responds in a few seconds. Along with answering the questions, it also does practical things with you, due to which it gives an impression like Real Personal Assistant.

It can also be considered the extension of Google Now, but it is more convenient with its state-of-the-art technology.

Google Assistant is a part of the Android Operating System. Like Google Assistant, Siri of Apple and Cortana of Microsoft are also assistants working on Artificial Intelligence.

Google Assistant is a feature of Android Operating System, it is Google’s Assistant Assistant app. It can answer all your questions. 80% of the answers to all questions from Google are always correct.

What does Google Assistant do?

Google Assistant is able to do almost all the work related to your phone only with Voice Search. You are using Google Assistant –

➥ Music Control can do.

➥ You can do online information search.

➥ Can send messages without typing.

➥ Notification can be read.

➥ Can set alarm and timer.

➥ Take weather information.

➥ Can make phone calls and read news.


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