How to Change Photo Background Online

How to Change Photo Background Online – You must have often seen many photos on social media, whose background is changed and edited, if you also want to edit it by changing the background of your photo, that too without downloading any app, then till the end of today’s article. Do read. Photo Ka Background Kaise Change Kare ?

Friends, whether it is Youtube or changing the background of a Facebook photo, editing it has become a normal thing today, but even today there are many users who think that how the background of the photo is removed.

If you are also confused then don’t worry because in this article you will get step by step guide so that you can change background of automatic photo to any person or any object on your mobile or computer within just 5 to 10 seconds. and you will not have to do any hard work.

So to know how you can edit and change the background of any photo in less than 1 minute, read this article till the end, so friends, let’s start this article without delay, and know. .

How to Change Background of Photo?

Step-1: Friends, as soon as you come to the site, you will see an option of Upload Image, if you open this website on the computer, then you can drag and upload a photo.

Step-2: After clicking on Upload image, the photo of which you want to remove the background, go to Files and select that photo.

Step-3: After this wait for a few seconds and that photo will be uploaded on the site and a download button will also appear in front of you.

Step-4: As soon as you click on that download button, that photo will start downloading and you will see that the background of that photo has been removed.

Step-5: But if you want to edit that photo and make changes in the background, then you will see an Edit button on the site, click on it.

Step-6: Now you will see that many background wallpapers will appear in front of you, you want to select any photo, click on it.

Step-7: If you want to set the desired photo in the background, then click on the Select photo option and upload that image from the gallery.

Step-8: Now you can set that photo in the background, and apply Blur effect to the photo as well as adjust Brush size, Offset etc. by clicking on Erase option.

Step-9: After that, when the photo is ready, tap on Close and above you will see an icon of download, tap on it and save that image in your device.

Step-10: Friends, in this way you saw how easy it is to remove the background of any photo, in this way you will be able to remove the background by professionally changing the background of the photo of any object like a car, chair etc.

Conclusion:- I hope you have liked this method to remove background of photo without downloading any app, if you face any problem while removing or editing photo background through this website, then comment in your comment below. Do ask questions.

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