How to Know Who Saw My Whatsapp

After installing whatsapp dp, it comes to mind that how to know who saw whatsapp dp, but friends there is no such feature in whatsapp, which can know “whatsapp profile is seen by whom?” ) has seen or who has saved your photo. But there is a way by which you can find out who has seen your whatsapp dp or who has saved it? Let us tell you about this method…

Friends use WhatsApp for chatting and video and voice calls. But WhatsApp has provided many features for privacy on this app. About whom you probably know like you can hide your whatsapp from dp to last scene. If you want, only those whose numbers you have saved will see your whatsapp dp. You can also do the same with last scene and status

If you want to know about all these features in detail then read our article carefully and you will know about all the features of whatsapp.

How to Know Who Saw My Whatsapp

Friends, you keep searching all kinds of questions like whatsapp profile viewer, whatsapp profile viewer finder, whatsapp profile viewer notification on the internet, but know this article who is watching your profile theft, we will give you very accurate information which Then you never need to search somewhere else for something like whatsapp profile picture viewer.

Friends, there is no such feature on WhatsApp yet. To find out who has visited your whatsapp dp. Neither alert comes nor notification. But in this case, if we ask you that there is a way to find out who sees the profile pic of whatsapp.

Even though WhatsApp doesn’t have this feature, we will tell you about an app that will help you easily find out that whatsapp profile kon dekh raha hai. You will find this amazing app in the Play Store. will solve this problem. You can install it for free.

How to Download Whatsapp Tracker

Whats tracker apk download friends whatsapp tracker dwonload kaise kare for this you can easily go to play store and download this app whatsapp tracker application or else I have provided you the link of this app below you can easily go to this link here You can download the whatsapp tracker app from here.

WhatsApp, a popular messaging app with more than 1.5 billion users, is a prime target for cybercriminals. A recent study found that WhatsApp is the most used app for sharing sensitive data and personal information. Consequently, it is important to take steps to protect your WhatsApp account from hackers. One way to do this is to monitor your account activity using WhatsApp Tracker and detect any suspicious behavior.

Whatsapp Tracker Features

Friends, there are many features in whatsapp tracker application, but we can’t tell you about all of them in this article, but now we are only discussing about it in this article, whatsapp dp kon dekh rha hai kaise pata kare For the features of the tracker, I have explained in this article about all the features in full deatils.

You will get the features of whatsapp tracker like whatsapp tracker location,
Whatsapp tracker online, whatsapp tracker message, whatsapp tracker last seen, whatsapp tracker online status, etc. and also special features will be seen. All details about whatsapp tracker will be found. Let’s talk abhi baat karte hai know more about this article whatsapp dp kon kon dekhta hai kaise jane.

How to Know Who Saw My Whatsapp

So let us tell you how whatsapp tracker app works? This whatsapp tracker can also be called a whatsapp profile viewer.

Step-1. First of all download this app whatsapp tracker. After this you will see a user agreement, you have to proceed by continuing it.

Step-2. Now you will be asked your name and country name on the app. After filling its details, you will also have to fill the gender. Then sign in directly.

Step-3. Now such screen will open in front of you. In this, you will see many types of sections, from where you can see many types of things.

Step-4. Three categories will be clearly visible in this, which is Contacts. It will contain all your contacts. Next to this, Visited and Visitor will appear.

Step-5. Visited will have their profile, whose whatsapp dp you have seen. If you clicked on someone’s profile to see their picture, it would appear here.

Step-6. The visitor will know who has visited your whatsapp dp by opening it. You will get all their details here. You will know who has seen your picture.

Step-7. Take friends, now you have come to know that whatsapp dp kon kon dekhta h However, this is a third party app, so you will be careful about your data.

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