How to make Mobile to TV Remote

If you want to run TV, DTH, TATA SKY Smart LED TV and DISH TV remotely from your SMARTPHONE, then you have come to the right place, today I am going to give you complete information about it. Everyone knows that, the battery of the remote which does not work, it works after a few days after the battery is depleted. So in such a situation you have to take another battery, but we never get the remote battery, which gives us a lot of trouble.
Also, sometimes cable boxes and TV remote controls break or get lost somewhere in the house. Then we have to buy a new remote control. But if you have ANDROID SMARTPHONE, you can easily make a remote of TV and SET TOP BOX.

What is an infrared (IR) sensor? What is the infrared sensor for the phone?

Infrared connectivity is an older wireless technology used to connect two electronic devices. It uses a beam of infrared light to transmit information and therefore requires a straight line and only works over short distances.

Many home appliances such as LED TVs and SET TOP BOX still use infrared remote controls. Some smartphones can use their IR portal to control these devices, but this usually requires SOFTWARE on the THIRD side.
How to Remote Control TV / Decoder from Mobile.

Today, many phones come with an infrared sensor and many phones do not have an infrared sensor. From a phone with an infrared sensor, you can make a remote control from the seat, for this you will need some applications.

Even if your phone does not have an infrared sensor, you can still make your own mobile remote. To do this, you need to connect your mobile and TV to the same WiFi. After that, pairing needs to be done with a pin, then you can easily control the TV from the phone.

How to play TV / set top box from your mobile.

Friends, there are some companies that already provide IR blaster (infrared sensor) function on their mobile phones. By the way, you can see this IR remote function in some MI and Samsung phones.

How to make tv remote from mobile.

If you want to know, then follow the information given by us.

Step-1: First, turn on the TV or decoder.

Step-2: Now open MI Remote application on your mobile.

Step-3: When the application is open, tap the “+” ICON.

Step-4: After that, in front of you the category AC, TV, SET TOP BOX etc. will appear. Tap on one of these

Step-5: Which you want to connect.

Step-6: If you have selected TV, you will see some company names, select the company that owns your TV.

Step-7: Now you will be asked something like “Is your cable box on or off?”. If it’s on, tap Yes.

Step-8: After this the option of PAIR will appear, as soon as you TOUCH it, your TV / SET TOP BOX will be connected to your mobile.

Step-9: Now remote will be OPEN on your mobile, then you can easily operate TV / SET T OP BOX.

Friends, I hope that you have understood the information given by me today. You guys must tell by “COMMENT”.


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