How to Make Your Name Ringtone?

How to Make Your Name Ringtone – You must have heard many times that when a call comes on someone’s mobile, the name of that person is spoken in the mobile ringtone, which is very nice to hear. When you hear the ringtone of your friend’s name in your mobile, then the question will arise in your mind that how do we make our name ringtone and How to download your name ringtone.

If you also want to set your name ringtone in your mobile then you have come to the right place because today we are going to tell in this article that you How to make your own Name Ringtone?  We are going to tell you some such ways or steps below, by which you can easily download your name ringtone on your computer, laptop and smartphone mobile by making it.

How to Make Your Name Ringtone?

If you also want to make your name ringtone, then we have given all the steps related to this process below. Follow these steps and know how to make your name ringtone

Step-1: First of all go to the browser and type fdmr in the search box. You can also use Google Chrome for best results. For your information, let us tell you that fdmr is a website whose full form is

Step-2: As soon as you search in the browser with the name of fdmr, the link of the website will appear on your screen. As we have also shown in the image below. Click on this link.

Step-3: After clicking on the link, the home page of the website will open on the screen. Now type your name in the search button and press enter. Like if your name is Ajay then you type “Ajay” and search.

Step-4: Now all the ringtones related to your name will appear in front of you. Like- Ajay ji, please pick up the phone, someone is missing you. Whatever ringtone you like, click on that ringtone.

Step-5: After clicking, a new page will open in front of you, where you will get the option to download your name ringtone.

Step-6: In this way you can download your name ringtone and set your name ringtone.

How to make Your Name Ringtone by FDMR Website

Many times it happens that you do not find your name ringtone on this website. But in this case there is no need to panic. fdmr is a website that takes full care of its users and also makes their name ringtone. For this you only need to follow some steps which we have given below.

Step-1: On the home page of the fdmr website, you will see an option on the left side “requested name ringtones”. Click on this link.

Step-2: After clicking you will be on a new page where you will get the link of fb page of this website. First of all you have to like their facebook page.

Step-3: After this you can request them to make your name ringtone from here.

Step-4: To make your desired ringtone, you have to give all the details like your name and what kind of ringtone you want in the message.

Step-5: After a few days the team of fdmr website will send you both ringtone link and download link through message.

Step-6: From here you can download your name ringtone and also set your mobile ringtone.

Conclusion:- So you guys have seen how easy it is to make your name ringtone. We hope you liked all the steps and the whole process. If you still have any query related to the article then you can type your question in the comment box below. We will answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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