Taurus Horoscope 2021 – Read Your Full Horoscope In Hindi

वृषभ राशिफल 2021: वर्ष 2021 वृषभ राशि वालों के लिए अच्छा साल होगा। वृषभ मूल निवासी इस वर्ष में जीवन के कई रंग देखेंगे। वर्ष की शुरुआत में, आप थोड़े प्रयास के बाद सफल होंगे, भाग्य आपको कई ऊर्ध्वाधर में मदद करेगा, आप किसी भी मुद्दे को हल करने के लिए अपनी बुद्धि का उपयोग … Read more

Aries Horoscope 2021 – Read Your Full Horoscope In Hindi

 मेष राशिफल 2021: वर्ष की शुरुआत में, आप वित्त, प्रेम और काम के मामले में मिश्रित कंपन की उम्मीद करेंगे, वित्त के संदर्भ में स्थिरता देखी जाएगी। आमदनी अच्छी होगी और व्यय नियंत्रण में रहेंगे, इससे आपके बैंक बैलेंस को बढ़ावा मिलेगा। लव बर्ड्स भी अपने खुशनुमा पलों का आनंद लेंगे। वैवाहिक जीवन के लिए … Read more

Google Assistant – How to use google Assistant to Get things done

Google Assistant is Google’s own Smart Voice Controlled Assistant which works primarily on AI (Artificial Intelligence). In fact, it is a Google Extension which is Google Now, and an extension of Google’s Voice Controlled Commands ‘OK Google’. This search engine is an Advance Voice Search Assistant created by Google to conduct personalized searches. It is … Read more

TickleMyPhone(True Remote) – You can hear all the things of other phones in one sms

TickleMyPhone(True Remote) – Tickle My Phone is an app that lets you remotely control your Android smartphone using text messaging. With the help of this app, you can perform all kinds of actions by sending text messages from other smartphones. The most important thing about the Tickle My Phone app is that the person in … Read more

Truecaller – How to Search name and location of Mobile Number

Truecaller (Mobile Number Search) – Truecaller is a service that tells us the identity of unknown caller. In easy language, with the help of True Caller, you can know the information of any unknown number. But the True Collar gives only limited information. Sometimes we get a call from an unknown number but we do … Read more

Tricks – How To Find Other People Live Location

Live Location Tracker – If you are looking for a smart and user-friendly way to share space with your friends, family and colleagues, then you should try Glampsey. This best tracking app supports a cross-platform location sharing feature. So far, people understand that GPS is only used for navigation, but it is not so. There … Read more