What is Sticker.ly Whatsapp Stickers Maker App

If you use whatsapp then you must have seen that many people use stickers while chatting on whatsapp, which makes whatsapp chatting more interesting if you also want to make your whatsapp chatting interesting and fun then you can use sticker.ly app. You can use Under this app you get a lot of amazing stickers which you can use in your whatsapp.

Whatsapp is used by almost every smart phone user in today’s time, whatsapp has become an integral part of our life and it is now used to fulfill many needs and to make important work easier and this Keeping this in mind, many types of updates keep coming in whatsapp too, but if you want to use stickers as extra features during chatting in whatsapp and want to impress people through whatsapp status video then Sticker. ly whatsapp stickers maker app is a great option for you.

Sticker.ly is an amazing app for whatsapp sticker, here you get many stickers which you can use in whatsapp chatting and create fun in conversation. In this article, we will know how we can download this app and how we can use this app, let us first know about this app.

What is Sticker.ly app?

This is an app providing stickers for whatsapp. With the help of Sticker.ly app, you can get many types of stickers for whatsapp, apart from this you also get the option of whatsapp status video, from here you can also use whatsapp status. can

This app is being liked a lot by the users and many people are also using it. Due to the good performance of this app, it has got a rating of 4.6 on Google play store and this app has been downloaded more than 50 million times.

How to download Sticker.ly app

Using Sticker.ly you can get stickers and video status of whatsapp, let us understand now to know about how to download this amazing application, follow the steps given below.

Step-1: If you are an android phone user then you open google play store in your mobile

Step-2: Search Sticker.ly through the search option given in the play store

Step-3: Now you download this app in your mobile

Step-4: After downloading you install Sticker.ly

Step-5: Now you can open this app and use it easily.

How to use Sticker.ly?

After downloading this app, the question will come in the mind of all of you that how to use Sticker.ly, so let’s understand about it with the help of the points given below.

• First you have to open the Sticker.ly app

• Now you will see that under this app you will see many stickers, here you get to see many options of stickers and status which you can use.

• In front of the stickers given here, you have given the option to add on whatsapp, by clicking on which you can use stickers on whatsapp.

• Here you get to see all kinds of memes and stickers, in this you also get stickers of leaders and actors for fun.

• Apart from this, you can also make stickers according to you, you can edit the text in it.

• You can send these stickers on your whatsapp very easily.

Conclusion:- Here you have learned how you can use many staus and stickers using Sticker.ly app, this is third party app with the help of which you can make your whatsapp chatting more attractive and impress your whatsapp friends. Apart from this, there are many apps available on the play store, using which you can get stickers for whatsap, you can use other apps as per your wish.

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