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Google Map This is a Google service. There are many types of services offered in this service. Google Map is most commonly used. It is the most commonly used Search Engine. In this, all kinds of information related to the Internet are given to you.

You can use it in your computer or mobile. With the help of Google Map you can roam anywhere. Any path can be searched. With its help, you can see the place around you, you can also see the place of the country and abroad.

It is a Web Mapping Service. Which Google has developed. Based on the satellite, it makes a map of the world. Google Map was formed in 2004 by 2 brothers named Lars And Jens. Earlier it was a program made in C ++ language. Which could only be used in computers.

How to use Google Map?

Now know how to run Google Map, how you can search any place using it.

Open Maps: To use Google Maps, you have to open it.

Search Location: – Now in the Search Box, enter the name of the place you want to search and search for that place. You can search any place. Whatever you want to see and if you want to know the way – like going from Delhi to Mumbai, then you search by writing Delhi to Mumbai.

Time And Distance: – Navigation will come in front of you when searched. Here you will see the distance and how much time you can reach.

Click Preview Button
You will see the Button of Preview on the right side in the map, click on it. Step By Step will show you the way.

Click Location Button
If you want to go from your place to some other place, then first turn on Location. If the GPS also has a button, then turn it on. Now put the name of the place in the Search Box where you want to go.

Click Direction Button
You will see the button of Direction below, click on it, then the path will be seen in front of you and also the distance time and clicking on the Start button will show you the path as you move forward.

Two wheeler mode
Google Map has also launched Two Wheeler Mode. You can use it to find a way while driving a bike.

Whenever you search some place, 4 Icon will come up. One of them will also be of Icon Bike, clicking on it will show you the easy way to go by bike. You can also select Car, Train, or Walk Icon.

How to put your address in Google Map

By entering your home address in Google Map, you can also see your house. So tell you that Google Map Me Apna Ghar Kaise Dekhe and you can enter the address of your office, shop anywhere.

Open Google Map – Open Google Map first. And for this, your mobile’s Internet Data On should be.

Menu – Now go to the Option on the top menu and click on the Option of the Satellite.

Add A Missing Place – Then click on Add A Missing Place. Now you have to enter 3 things in it.

Name – Write the name of the place in which you want to add. Such as the name of your shop, home or office.

Address – Click on the Mark Location On Map to enter the address.

Category – Now select Category. If you are entering the address of the house, then select Home. If you are entering the address of the shop, then what type of shop is it like- Select Hotel, Restaurant, Clothing Shop.

Address Detail – Now click on Add Phone, Hours, Website and Photo below. In this, you can set the time of your shop, the mobile number and if the shop has a website, then you can also add it. And the photo of the shop can also be put on Google Map.

Next Option – After adding all the details, click on the next option above. So now your home, shop address has been added to Google Map. In this way, you can add your address to Google Map.

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