Truecaller – How to Search name and location of Mobile Number

Truecaller (Mobile Number Search) – Truecaller is a service that tells us the identity of unknown caller. In easy language, with the help of True Caller, you can know the information of any unknown number. But the True Collar gives only limited information. Sometimes we get a call from an unknown number but we do not know whose number it is. In such a Situation, you can find out the information of unknown number with the help of Truecaller app. Through the truecaller, we get to know the name and location of the unknown caller, which gives us an idea of ​​which person the call came from. For more information, you can read the post below, in which I have told Deeply about Truecaller.

How to use truecaller app step by step

Step-1: First you download the app from Play store. The link is given below.
Step-2: Open the application and click on Get started.
Step-3: Now the new screen will open, enter the mobile number in it and click on Continue. Now a call will come from truecaller and the number will be automatically verified.
Step-4: After verifying the mobile number, enter First Name, Last Name and Email and click on Continue.

Note: – It is not necessary to enter the correct information, you can put anything.

How to search unknown number on trucaller app

It is very easy to search any number on Truecaller. So let’s know step by step.
Step-1: First open the Truecaller app and click on truecaller search.
Step-2: Now a new screen will open, enter the number whose information you want to see in the search box. After putting the number complete, click on the result which is shown below as shown in the screenshot.
Step-3: As soon as you click on the search result, you will be able to see the complete information about that number. What I entered while registering First Name, Last Name and is showing the same result on searching. Therefore, apart from which company is using SIM, Edge also comes to know.

In this way, you can search any unknown number on the True Caller and find out. But I had entered wrong information while registering, so my number is not correct.

How to change the name of any number on truecaller?

First of all, let me tell you, you can only change the name of the number who have not created a truecaller account. Cannot rename registered number on True Caller.

Step-1: First you search for the number you want to edit.
Step-2: After opening the number details, click on the Edit icon. If true caller is saying wrong name then better name can suggest. Is the number of a company or of a human being. After filling all the information, click on Save. Now your feedback will be successfully sent. In this way, you can correct any wrong number information.

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