Tricks – How To Find Other People Live Location

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So far, people understand that GPS is only used for navigation, but it is not so. There are many types of devices and apps built on GPS and some other technologies, which can be used to do a lot.

It is not easy to find someone’s location, that too live location. Today we are going to tell you about one such app with which you can easily find out the live location of anyone’s phone. If your phone is lost somewhere, then you can easily find the location of your phone too. So let us tell you how you can find the location of the phone. First of all you have to install an app in your smartphone. The name of this app is GPS tracker Followme. After installing it, you have to register in this app. Let me tell you that this app is necessary in the phone to be tracked. If it is not an app then you will not be able to track.

How to use GPS Tracker App?

After installing the app, as soon as you open the app, there will be many options as soon as you open the app. Here go to the settings.
➥  Now a new page will open.
➥  Now the option to register a new user will be at the top.
➥  Now click on it.
➥  On clicking, you have to enter the user name, password and email id here.
➥  Now click on Continue. After this, the new page will open.
Here, make the track interwall 1 minute, so that the location of every one minute of the phone continues.
➥  We will save it after this.
➥  Now your work is done.

How to track: To track the phone

➥  You have to login from your phone or computer browser at
➥  As soon as you login, you will get two options.
➥  Clicking on Continue to My Map coming in the second number.
➥  As soon as you click on MyMap, the location of that phone will come.
➥  The place where the phone will appear on the Google map.
➥  It will also come with its address.
➥  If the location of your phone changes, you will still know it.

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